mPCI-e mSATA 8+18pin SSD to SATA III 22pin Converter Adapter for ASUS Acer Dell


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mini PCI-e mini SATA SSD
convert to
SATA III 22-pin (7+15pin)

item code: AD-SA-084

  • Enhance your system performance by utilising the next gen speed of an mSATA SSD in any SATA applications
    • Maximising the full potential of your SATA interface with reduced bottle necking
    • The ideal solution for data backup, data transfer or data recovery
  • With this SSD adapter, you can plug your mPCI-e (mini PCI-e) mSATA (mini SATA) SSD into another desktop or laptop through a SATA 22-pin connector
    • Convert your mini PCI-e mini SATA SSD into a SATA III SSD
    • Convert your mPCI-e mSATA SSD into a SATA III SSD
  • Input (A)
    • for mSATA SSD
    • for mPCI-e mSATA SSD
    • NOT compatible for:
      • mPCI-e SATA SSD
      • mPCI-e SSD
    • 8+18pin female (SSD must be mSATA or mPCI-e mSATA connector)
  • Output (B)
    • SATA III 22-pin (7+15pin) female
    • Backward compatible with SATA I/ SATA II
    • Up to 6Gbps
    • Specialised Gold connectors
      • Eliminate corrosion
      • Maximises data transfer
      • Ensures lifelong industry leading connection quality
  • Package includes:Material: Aluminium
    • 1x SSD adapter converter card
    • Mounting screws kit (screws and washers)
  • Size of adapter converter card
    • Length: 100.8mm
    • Max Height: 9.7mm
    • Main board Height: 1mm
    • Width: 43mm
  • Cancel original SSD passwordNo drivers needed
    • new computer or laptop won’t recognise the SSD if old password still exists
  • No additional power supply needed
    • Relieve stress from rest of system
  • Voltage compatibility: Model #: SA-084
    • 3.3V
    • 5V

Compatible SSD Models (incomplete):

  • ASUS Eee Slate EP121 
  • ASUS UX31 UX21
  • ACER W501 W500
  • Asus EP121
  • Dell: M4500, M6500
  • Dell: M4500, M6400, M6500
  • Fusion Garage JOOJOO
  • Google: CR-48 Chrome 
  • INNODISK  Innodisk Corp. mSATA J80 SSD mSATA  
  • INTEL  INTEL Solid-state Drive 310 Series mSATA  
  • Lenovo: K26, K47A, K47G Y460 T420S X220I Y470 T420 X220T Y560 T520 Z420 Y570 L420 T420SI E220S L520 W720 E420S W520 K27 K26 X220 
  • RENICE  Renice X3 50MM mSATA SSD  mSATA  
  • SAMSUNG  PM800  mSATA  
  • TOPSSD  MinipCIE mSATA SSD Series  mSATA  


  • mini PCI-e mini SATA SSD to SATA adapter card
  • mini PCI-e mini SATA SSD to SATA 22-pin adapter converter card
  • mPCI-e mSATA SSD to SATA (7+15pin) converter card
  • mPCI-e mSATA SSD to SATA III adapter converter card
  • mini SATA SSD to SATA 22-pin (7+15pin) converter card
  • mini SATA SSD to SATA III 22-pin adapter card
  • mini PCI-e mSATA SSD to SATA III (7+15pin) adapter converter card
  • mPCI-e mini SATA SSD to SATA III 22-pin (7+15pin) converter card
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Compatible Operating Systems

Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS

Adapter Condition

Brand New

Convert following SSDs

mSATA 8+18pin (mPCI-e mSATA)

Forward/ Backward Compatibility


Heat Dissipation

Built in enhanced heat dissipation system

Adapter Material


Max Transfer Speed


Perfect For

Data backup, Data transfer, Data recovery

Plug into following slots

SATA III 7+15pin

Plug and Play

Supported (no drivers needed)

Size (LxWxH)

100.8 mm x 9.7 mm x 43mm

Voltage Compatibility

3.3V, 5V


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