Lenovo AC Adapter Charger, 20V 2.25A 45W, 4.0 x 1.7mm for IdeaPad 100-14IBY 510-14ISK N22 310-14ISK Chromebook 100S N22m Yoga 710-11ISK 710-15ISK

 Lenovo AC Adapter Charger, 20V 2.25A 45W, 4.0 x 1.7mm Connector for IdeaPad 100-14IBY, 100S-14IBR, 510-15ISK, 510-14ISK, N22, 310-15ISK, 310-14ISK, Chromebook 100S, N22m, Yoga 710-11ISK, 710-15ISK


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Technical Details

  • Compatible Laptop Brand: Lenovo
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Certifications: SAA, FCC, CE, RoHs
  • Output Voltage: 20 V
  • Output Current: 2.25 A
  • Output Power: 45 W
  • Tip Size (external & internal diameter): 4.0*1.7 mm
  • AU Power Cord: Provided
  • Input Voltage: AU Standard AC 100 V – 240 V
  • Input Frequency: AU Standard 50 Hz – 60 Hz
  • Short Circuit Protection (SCP): Yes
  • Over Voltage Protection (OVP): Yes
  • Over Current Protection (OCP): Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year From Purchase

Compatible Laptop Models

Chromebook 100E
Chromebook 100S
Chromebook N22
Chromebook N22-20
Chromebook N22-80S60015US
Chromebook N22-80SF0001US
Chromebook N22-80VH0001US
Chromebook N23
Chromebook N24
Chromebook N24 81F
Flex 14API
Flex 3 11ADA
Flex 4-1130
Flex 4-1435
Flex 5-1470
Flex 5-1480
Flex 5-1570
IdeaPad 100-14IBY
IdeaPad 100S-14IBR
IdeaPad 110-15ACL
IdeaPad 110-15AST
IdeaPad 110-15IBR
IdeaPad 110S-11IBR
IdeaPad 1-11ADA
IdeaPad 1-11AST
IdeaPad 1-11IGL
IdeaPad 1-14ADA
IdeaPad 1-14AST
IdeaPad 1-14IGL
IdeaPad 120S-11IAP
IdeaPad 120S-14IAP
IdeaPad 130-14AST
IdeaPad 130-14IKB
IdeaPad 130-15AST
IdeaPad 130-15IKB
IdeaPad 310-14IKB
IdeaPad 310-14ISK
IdeaPad 310-15ISK
IdeaPad 320-15ABR
IdeaPad 320-15IKB
IdeaPad 710S-13ISK
IdeaPad B50-10
IdeaPad B50-50
IdeaPad S130-14IGM
IdeaPad S145
IdeaPad S145-14
IdeaPad S145-14API
IdeaPad S145-14AST
IdeaPad S145-14IGM
IdeaPad S145-14IIL
IdeaPad S145-14IKB
IdeaPad S145-14IWL
IdeaPad S145-15
IdeaPad S145-15API
IdeaPad S145-15AST
IdeaPad S145-15IGM
IdeaPad S145-15IIL
IdeaPad S145-15IWL
Miix 510-12IKB
Miix 510-12ISK
V Series V110-17IKB
V Series V110-17ISK
V Series V140-14IWL
V Series V140-15IWL
V Series V145-14AST
V Series V145-15AST
V Series V15-IWL
Yoga 310
Yoga 310-11
Yoga 310-11IAP
Yoga 310-11IAP 80U2
Yoga 330
Yoga 330-11IGM
Yoga 510-14AST
Yoga 510-14IKB
Yoga 510-14ISK
Yoga 510-15IKB
Yoga 510-15ISK
Yoga 520-14IKB
Yoga 710-11IKB
Yoga 710-11ISK
Yoga 710-14IKB
Yoga 710-14ISK
Yoga 710-15IKB
Yoga 710-15ISK
Yoga 720-12IKB
Yoga C640-13IML

Compatible Laptop Brand

For Lenovo


Brand New

Charger Output Power (W)


Charger Output Voltage (V)


Charger Output Current (A)


Charger Tip Outer Diameter (mm)


Charger Tip Inner Diameter (mm)


Charger Type

Replacement Charger


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