Laptop Charger Power AC Adapter for HP EliteBook 2530P 2540P 2740P 2760P 6530B 6550B 8460P 8440P 8540P 8560P 8530W Notebook 90W 19V 4.74A

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HP AC Adapter Charger, 18.5V 3.5A 65W, 7.4 x 5.0mm Connector for Envy 13-1002TX, 13-1003XX, 13-1004TX, 13-1005TX, 13-1006TX, 13-1007EV, 13-1007LA, 13-1007TX, 13-1008TX, 13-1010ER, 13-1015ER, 13-1030CA

HP AC Adapter Charger, 18.5V 3.5A 65W, 7.4 x 5.0mm Connector for Envy 13-1002TX, 13-1003XX, 13-1004TX, 13-1005TX, 13-1006TX, 13-1007EV, 13-1007LA, 13-1007TX, 13-1008TX, 13-1010ER, 13-1015ER, 13-1030CA

*Please double check your old charger’s tip size and output voltage. New charger’s output current will be compatible if equal or greater than your old charger*

Compatible Laptop Brand HP
Condition Brand New
Certifications C-Tick, FCC, CE, RoHs / SAA, FCC, CE, RoHs
Output Voltage 18.5V
Output Current 3.5A
Output Power 65W
Tip Size 7.4*5.0mm (external & internal diameter)
Tip Inner Pin Yes
AU Power Cord Provided
Input Voltage AU Standard AC 100V - 240V
Input Frequency AU Standard 50Hz - 60Hz
Short Circuit Protection (SCP) Yes
Over Voltage Protection (OVP) Yes
Over Current Protection (OCP) Yes
Warranty 1 Year from purchase

Compatible Part Number

384020-001, 384021-001, ED495AA, 384020-002, HP-AP091F13P SELF, 391173-001, 409992-001 384020-003, 382021-002, PPP012L-S, PPP012S-S, PPP014L-S, PPP014H-S, PA-1900-08H2, PA-1900-18H2, HP-AP091F13LF SE ED495AA#ABA, 397823-001, 416421-001, 418873-001, 463955-001 101880-001 101898-001 120765-001 146594-001 159224-001 159224-002 163444-001 163444-291 179725-002 179725-003 209124-001 209126-001 239427-001 239427-002 239427-003 239427-004 239704-001 239704-291 239705-001 265602-001 285288-001 285546-001 338136-001 371790-001 386315-002 387661-001 417220-001 A265 ACCOM-C14 ACHEW-C14 DC359A DC359A#ABA LPAC03 OK065B13 P-0K065B13 PA-1500-02C1 PA-1650-02C PA-1651-02C PP003 PP1006 PPP002D PPP009L 391172-001 / 384019-003 / 384019-001 / ED494AA#ABA / ED494AAR / ED494AA / N18152 412786-001 / 418872-001 / 463958-001 / 384019-001 / 463552-001 / 384019-002 /

Compatible Laptop Model

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC 

HP 2533t Mobile Thin Client 

HP Compaq 2230s Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 2510p Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6510b Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6515b Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6535b Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6710b Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6715b Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6720t Mobile Thin Client 

HP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6730s Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6735b Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6735s Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6830s Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 6910p Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 8510p Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 8510w Mobile Workstation 

HP Compaq 8710p Notebook PC 

HP Compaq 8710w Mobile Workstation 

HP Compaq nc2400 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nc4400 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nc6140 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nc6320 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nc6400 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nc8430 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation 

HP Compaq nw9440 Mobile Workstation 

HP Compaq nx6310 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nx6115 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nx6325 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nx7300 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nx7400 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq nx8420 Notebook PC 

HP Compaq tc4400 Tablet PC 

HP EliteBook 6930p Notebook PC 

HP EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation 

Compaq Presario CQ40 Series 

Compaq Presario CQ45 Series 

Compaq Presario CQ50 Series 

Compaq Presario CQ60 Series 

HP Pavilion G50 Series 

HP Pavilion G60 Series 

HP Pavilion G70 Series 

HP OmniBook 300 Series: 300 

HP OmniBook 400 Series: 400, 425, 430 

HP OmniBook 500 Series: 500,500B,510,530, 550 

HP OmniBook 600 Series: 600, 600c, 600ct 

HP OmniBook 800 Series: 800, 800cs, 800ct 

HP OmniBook 5000 Series: 5000, 5000c, 5000ct, 5000cts, 5000vl 

HP OmniBook 5400 Series: 5400 

HP OmniBook 5500 Series: 5500, 5500cd, 5500cs,5500ct 

HP OmniBook 5700 Series: 5700, 5700ct HP Pavilion: dv4, dv5, dv7 

HP Compaq Presario C300 C500 C700 F500 F700 B1000 B1800 B1900 B2000 B3300 B3800 C300 M2000 M2100 M2200 M2300 M2400 M2500 V2000 V2100 V2200 V2400 V2500 V2600 V2700 V3000 V3100 V4000 V4100 V4200 V4300 V4400 V5000 V5100 V5200 V5300 X1000 

HP Compaq NC4000 NC4010 NC4200 NC5000 NC6000 nc6100 nc6110 nc6120 nc6140 NC6200 NC6220 NC8000 NC8230 nw8000 nx4300 nx4800 nx4820 nx5000 nx6100 nx6105 nx6110 nx6115 nx6120 nx6125 nx6130 NX6330 nx7000 nx7010 nx7100, 

HP Compaq Pavilion dv1000 dv1100 dv1200 dv1300 dv1400 dv1500 dv1600 dv1700 dv4000 dv4100 dv4200 dv4300 dv4400 dv5000 dv5100 dv5200 dv5300 tx1000 ze2000 ze2100 ze2200 ze2300.

Proper Charger Usage

  • Do not continuously keep charger plugged in for over 6 hrs at a time. Allow charger to rest.
  • Unplug the charger when the battery is full. And plug in charger when battery reaches 20% to 30%.
Compatible Laptop Brand

For HP

Charger Type

Replacement Charger

Charger Output Voltage (V)


Charger Output Current (A)


Charger Output Power (W)


Charger Tip Outer Diameter (mm)


Charger Tip Inner Diameter (mm)



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