GX KG901 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 104 Keys USB wired computer PC keyboard, Full Anti-Ghosting US layout


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Gaming mechanical keyboard RGB backlit 104 key US layout
  • Double Shot Keycaps
  • Cherry MX Mechanical Blue Switch Design
  • Premium Aluminium Cover + Finish
  • 11 RGB Backlight Modes
  • 4 Brightness Levels
  • Ergonomic Key Designs
  • Splash-Proof

Industry Leading Key Designs

  • [Double Shot Keycaps] The key legends are not printed, hence will never fade away or chip off, giving you crystal clear backlighting even after extended periods of usage.
  • [Full Anti-Ghosting] Each key is controlled independently, so you can press multiple keys simultaneously and at high speeds, but still have each key press sent without error and in the order pressed.
  • [Cherry MX Mechanical Blue Switch Design] Inspired by the latest gen Cherry MX Blue switches for exceptional responsiveness and accuracy. The characteristic of this tactile switch is featured by tactile and audible feedback. Thanks to the striking "click" sound, this blue switch will provide you with not only noticeable, but also acoustic feedback.
  • [50 Million Keypress Lifespan] Compared to common keyboards which only offer a life span of about 5 million keypresses, you get 10x more keypresses.

Visuals Just Got Legendary

  • [Premium Aluminium Cover + Finish] The brushed aluminium cover works in harmony with the reflective aluminium edge to give your keyboard a luxurious feel.
  • [11 RGB Backlight Modes] Easily cycle through all 11 mesmerising RGB backlight modes with simple FN + INS key combination.
  • [4 Brightness Levels] Easily adjust the RGB brightness with simple FN + (Up or Down) key combinations.

Perfect Connectivity

  • [Gold Plated USB Connector] Gold plated connectors not only increase conductivity compared to normal USB connectors, but also retain their improved conductivity over time, ensuring perfect accuracy with every keypress.
  • [Noise Filter] Minimises any undesired noise or interference that can distort or interfere with the desired signal, giving you consistently fast responsiveness that you need.
  • [Braided USB Cable] The woven exterior of the cable not only provides crucial structural integrity that will prevent tearing and fraying from everyday use, but also helps it withstand especially extreme events. 

Leading Designs and Functions

  • [Ergonomic Key Designs] The sloped key caps are perfectly aligned to fit your hand, relieving pressure on your wrists, making it more comfortable to game or type over longer periods.
  • [Splash-Proof] Designed to withstand water splashes and spills, so you don’t need to take a risk every time you eat and drink around your computer.
  • [Media Keys Shortcut] With FN+ (F1 to F12) key combinations, easily access File Explorer, Search Bar, Calculator, Music, Volume Controls and much more.
  • [Macro Keys Shortcut] Customise your very own 9 Macro Keys/ Hotkeys (G1 to G6, C1 to C3) to increase your responsiveness in games or your productivity in work.
Tech Specs
Condition Brand new
Keyboard Type Gaming mechanical keyboard
Colour Black
Keyboard Layout 104 keys, US layout, 3 section layout
Mechanical Switch Blue switches (tactile)
Switch Total Travel 4 +/- 0.5 mm
Switch Operating Force 50 +/- 10 g
Anti-Ghosting Full anti-ghosting supported, N-key rollover 
Backlight Modes Cycle through 11 RGB modes with FN + INS keys
  • All RGB background
  • Any key that is pressed will light up
  • Only ESC, W, A, S, D, Up, Down, Left, Right keys light up
  • 6 unique dynamic (moving) RGB patterns
  • 2 special RGB effects around the key that is pressed
Backlight Brightness Cycle with FN + (Up or Down) keys
  • Level 3 (max brightness)
  • Level 2
  • Level 1
  • Level 0 (turn off RGB)
Keyboard Feet Adjustable, Padded
Connection Method USB cable (braided, gold plated, noise filter)
Cable Length 1.5m
OS Support Windows and Mac OS
Size 450 x 142 x 40mm


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