AC Adapter Laptop Charger Power Cord 19V 3.42A for ASUS A52J F554L F55A K52J S300C S400C S500C X50GL X54H X550 X550CL X552C


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ASUS AC Adapter Charger, 19V 3.42A 65W, 5.5 x 2.5mm Connector for A Series A38N, A3AC, A3E, A3F, A3FC, A3FP, A3G, A3H, F Series F2F, F3F, F3H, F3JA, F3KE, F3M, F3P, F3SA, Vivobook S550, S550C, S550CA

ASUS AC Adapter Charger, 19V 3.42A 65W, 5.5 x 2.5mm Connector for A Series A38N, A3AC, A3E, A3F, A3FC, A3FP, A3G, A3H, F Series F2F, F3F, F3H, F3JA, F3KE, F3M, F3P, F3SA, Vivobook S550, S550C, S550CA

*Please double check your old charger’s tip size and output voltage. New charger’s output current will be compatible if equal or greater than your old charger*

Compatible Laptop Brand ASUS
Condition Brand New
Certifications C-Tick, FCC, CE, RoHs / SAA, FCC, CE, RoHs
Output Voltage 19V
Output Current 3.42A
Output Power 65W
Tip Size 5.5*2.5mm (external & internal diameter)
Tip Inner Pin Yes
AU Power Cord Provided
Input Voltage AU Standard AC 100V - 240V
Input Frequency AU Standard 50Hz - 60Hz
Short Circuit Protection (SCP) Yes
Over Voltage Protection (OVP) Yes
Over Current Protection (OCP) Yes
Warranty 1 Year from purchase

Compatible Part Number

0A001-00041500 ADP-65NH A   PA-1650-01 

0A001-00041600 ADP-65WH AB PA-1650-48 

0A001-00042500 ADP-65WH BB PA-1650-66 

90-N00PW4E00T           EXA0703YH           PA-1650-78 

90-XB03N0PW00050Y EXA1203UH A PA-1650-93

AD887320           EXA1203YH SADP-65KB B 



ADP-65HB BB N65W-03 W15-065N1A


Compatible Model

ASUS A3 series: A3E, A3H, A3VP 

ASUS A6 series: 

A6, A6000G, A6000Ga, A6000K, A6000L, A6000N, A6000Ne, A6000U, A6000V, A6000Va, A6000Vc, A65, A6G, A6Ga, A6K, A6L, A6N, A6Ne, A6U, A6V, A6Va, A6Vc 

ASUS F3 series:

 F3Ka, F3Ke, F3L, F3Q, F3Sa, F3Sg, F3Sr 

ASUS F5 series:

 F5C, F5GL, F5M, F5N, F5R, F5RI, F5SL, F5Sr, F5V, F5VL, F5Z 

ASUS F7 series:

 F7E, F7F, F7Kr, F7L, F7Se, F7Sr, F7z, F7000, F7400 

ASUS F8 series: 

F8Dc, F8P, F8Sa, F8Sg, F8Sn, F8Sp, F8Sr, F8Sv, F8Tr, F8Va, F8Vr 

ASUS F9 series: 

F9Dc, F9S, F9Sg 

ASUS F50 series:

F50Sf-A1, F50Sf-A2, F50SV-A1, F50SV-A2, F50SV-X4C

 ASUS F80 series: 

F80Cr, F80L, F80Q, F80S, F80 

ASUS F81 series: F81Se 

ASUS K40 series: 

K40AB, K40C, K40IJ, K40IJ-A1, K40IN, K40IN-A1, K40IN-B1 

ASUS K50 series: 

K50AB, K50IJ, K50IN, K50IJ-A1, K50IJ-B1, K50IJ-C1, K50IJ-RX05 

ASUS L3 series: 

L3, L3000, L3000C, L3000D, L3000H, L3000S, L3000Tp, L31, L3100, L32, L3200, L34, L3400, L35, L3500, L3800, L3C, L3D, L3H, L3S, L3Tp 

ASUS L5 series: 

L5, L5000, L5000C, L5000D, L5000DF, L5000G, L5000GA, L5000GM, L5000GX, L5500C, L5500D, L5500DF, L5500G, L5500GA, L5500GM 

ASUS L8 series: L8400 

ASUS M2 series: 

M2, M2000, M2000A, M2000C, M2000E, M2000N, M2000Ne, M2400, M2400A, M2400C, M2400E, M2400N, M2400Ne, M2422N, M2442N, M2A, M2C, M2E, M2N 

ASUS M3 series: 

M3, M3000, M3000N, M3000NP, M3N, M3NP 

ASUS M6 series: 

M6, M6000, M6000A, M6000C, M6000Ce, M6000N, M6000Na, M6000Ne, M6000R, M6000RF, M6000V, M6000Va, M67, M6700, M6700A, 

ASUS M51 series: 

M51A, M51Kr, M51Se, M51Sn, M51Sr, M51Ta, M51Tr, M51Va, M51Vr 

ASUS M70 series: 

M70Sa, M70Sr, M70T, M70Vm, M70Vn, M70Vr 

ASUS P80 series: P80Vc 

ASUS S1 series:

 S1, S1000, S1000A, S1000B, S1000N, S13, S1300, S1300A, S1300B, S1300N, S13A, S13B, S13N, S1A, S1B, S1N 

ASUS S5 series: 

S5, S5000, S5000A, S5000N, S5000Ne, S5000NP, S5A, S5N, S5Ne, S5NP 

ASUS U3 series: U3S, U3Sg

ASUS U5 series: U5, U5A, U5F 

ASUS U6 series: U6S, U6Sg, U6V, U6Vc 

ASUS W3 series: W3V 

ASUS W7 series: W7F, W7Fp, W7S, W7Sg

ASUS Z3 series: Z33A, Z3A 

ASUS Z7 series: Z71V 

ASUS Z9 series: 

Z9, Z90, Z9000, Z9000R, Z90R, Z91, Z9100, Z9100E, Z9100ER, Z9100G, Z9100L, Z9100N, Z91E, Z91ER, Z91G, Z91L, Z91N, Z92, Z9200, Z9200G, Z9200L, Z9200Ne, Z9200U

Proper Charger Usage

  • Do not continuously keep charger plugged in for over 6 hrs at a time. Allow charger to rest.
  • Unplug the charger when the battery is full. And plug in charger when battery reaches 20% to 30%.
Charger Output Current


Charger Output Power (W)


Charger Output Voltage


Charger Tip Size (external & internal diameters)


Charger Type

Replacement Charger


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