Battery for Dell Latitude E5420 E5520 E5530 E6420 E6430 E6520 E6530 NHXVW T54FJ

Dell Laptop Battery for Latitude E5420, E5520, E6220, E6420, E6520, Inspiron 4R-4420, 14R-5420, 14R-5425, 14R-7420, 14R-SE-4420, Vostro 3460, 3560, 3360, Precision M2800



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Dell Laptop Battery for Latitude E5420, E5520, E6220, E6420, E6520, Inspiron 4R-4420, 14R-5420, 14R-5425, 14R-7420, 14R-SE-4420, Vostro 3460, 3560, 3360, Precision M2800

*Please double check your old battery against our pictures, mainly unique edges and connection points*

Compatible Laptop Brand



Brand New

Cell Number

6 Cells


4400 mAh

Output Voltage

10.8V / 11.1V



Cell Technology

Li-Ion Battery


1 Year from purchase

Compatible Battery Part Number (Use Ctrl+F to search)

P8TC7 P9TJ0 R48V3 PRRRF RU485 

T54F3 T54FJ UJ499 YKF0M X57F1 04NW9

312-1163  312-1242 312-1310  312-1311 451-11947

8858X  8P3YX 911MD


Compatible Laptop Model (Use Ctrl+F to search)

DELL Audi A4 Series 

DELL Audi A5 Series 

DELL Audi S5 Series

DELL Inspiron 14R Series

Inspiron 14R-4420  Inspiron 14R-5420 Inspiron 14R-5425  Inspiron 14R-7420 Inspiron 14R-SE-4420  Inspiron 14R-SE-5420 Inspiron 14R-SE-7420  Inspiron 14R-SE Inspiron 14R Turbo

DELL Inspiron 15R Series 

Inspiron 15R-4520 Inspiron 15R-5520  Inspiron 15R-5525 Inspiron 15R-7520 Inspiron 15R-SE-4520 Inspiron 15R-SE-5520  Inspiron 15R-SE-7520 Inspiron 15R-SE Inspiron 15R Turbo

DELL Inspiron 17R Series 

Inspiron 17R-4720  Inspiron 17R-5720 Inspiron 17R-7720  Inspiron 17R-SE Inspiron 17R-SE-4720 Inspiron 17R-SE-5720  Inspiron 17R-SE-7720 Inspiron 17R Turbo

Inspiron 4420 Series

 Inspiron 4520 Series

 Inspiron 4720 Series 

Inspiron 5420 Series 

Inspiron 5425 Series

 Inspiron 5520 Series 

Inspiron 5525 Series 

Inspiron 5720 Series

 Inspiron 7420 Series 

Inspiron 7520 Series 

Inspiron 7720 Series 

Inspiron M421R Series 

Inspiron M521R Series 

Inspiron N4420 Series 

Inspiron N5420 Series

Inspiron N5520 Series 

Inspiron N5720 Series 

Inspiron N7420 Series 

Inspiron N7520 Series 

Inspiron N7720 Series

Vostro 3460 Series 

Vostro 3560 Series 

Latitude E5420

E5420 N-Series 

E5430 E5520 E5520 BRC 6 E5520 N-Series E5520m E5530 E6420 E6420 N-Series E6430 E6430 ATG E6520 E6520 N-Series E6530

Proper Battery Usage

  • For first time usage, please charge the battery for 3 to 4 hours before using the laptop – usually it requires 2 to 3 charge/ discharge cycles before the battery achieves maximum capacity.

  • Best practice is to unplug the charger when the battery is full. And plug in charger when battery reaches 20% to 30%.

  • Usage time depends on how you are using your laptop. eg screen brightness, number of applications running etc. Average time is around 2 to 3 hours of continuous usage.

  • Careful not to short-circuit the battery by placing the terminals in contact with other metal objects.


  • Sent from Melbourne, Australia.

  • 1 business day handling time.

  • If customer provided the wrong address on order, they may need to pay an extra charge to change address.

  • If no one was home to receive the parcel, please contact your local courier to pickup or arrange re-delivery within 2 weeks. Parcel will be returned to us after 2 weeks. If that occurs, customer will pay a resend postage. 

  • The estimated arrival date is under best conditions. The actual delivery time may be affected by various factors, eg Holiday peaks etc.


  • If product is damaged or faulty upon arrival, you can return for replacement. 

  • If you change your mind, you can return for replacement or partial refund. Customer will cover return postage and resend or original postage. 

  • If you are returning for a refund 30 days after purchase, there is a 15% handling fee.


NBB-DE E6420/5520


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