120W19V 6.3A AC Adapter for Toshiba Satellite Pro P500 PA3717E-1AC3 PA3290E-1ACA

Toshiba AC Adapter Charger, 19V 6.32A 120W, 5.5 x 2.5mm Connector for Satellite A25, A35-1592, A35-1591, A35-159, A35-S159, A35-S209, A35-S1591, A55, A60, A60-772, A60-752, A60-743, A60-742, A60-672


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Compatible Laptop Brand Toshiba
Condition Brand New
Certifications C-Tick, FCC, CE, RoHs / SAA, FCC, CE, RoHs
Output Voltage 19V
Output Current 6.32A
Output Power 120W
Tip Size 5.5*2.5mm (external & internal diameter)
Tip Inner Pin Yes
AU Power Cord Provided
Input Voltage AU Standard AC 100V - 240V
Input Frequency AU Standard 50Hz - 60Hz
Short Circuit Protection (SCP) Yes
Over Voltage Protection (OVP) Yes
Over Current Protection (OCP) Yes
Warranty 1 Year from purchase

Compatible Part Number

PA3717E-1AC3  PA3032U-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3165U-1ACA, PA3336U-1ACA

PA3290U-2ACA, PA3381U, PA3290U K000041930, PA3290U-2ACA, PA3336U-2ACA PA3381U-1ACA

K000009230, K000014100, K000016520, K000018320, PA3290U-2ACA, PA3290U2ACA, V000040260, V000040270, V000040590, V000041710, V000041720, V000041730, K000020820, K000040110, K000040120, K000041930, K000015600, V00004291

Compatible Laptop Model

Toshiba Satellite A35 Series  

Toshiba Satellite A35-S159, A35-S1591, A35-S1592, A35-S1593, A35-S209, A35-S2091, A35-S2502, A35  

Toshiba Satellite A60 Series  

Toshiba Satellite A60 , A60-30, A60-40, A60-60, A60-S1173, A60-S156, A60-S1561, A60-S159, A60-S1591, A60-S166, A60-S1661, A60-S1662, A60-S1691, A60-S176, A60-SP126, A60-SP176, A60-SP159, A60 Series, A60-S1072, A60-S1591ST, A60-S1592ST, A60-S1691ST, A60, A60-102, A60-106, A60-116, A60-120, A60-129, A60-140, A60-145, A60-154, A60-174, A60-185, A60-202, A60-212, A60-218, A60-219, A60-302, A60-332, A60-632, A60-652, A60-662, A60-672, A60-742, A60-743, A60-752, A60-772, A60-CJW, A60-CJWF, A60-JL1, A60-WM1, A60-WM1F  

Toshiba Satellite A65 Series  

Toshiba Satellite A65, A65-S1063, A65-S1064, A65-S1065, A65-S1066, A65-S1067, A65-S1068, A65-S1069, A65-S1070, A65-S109, A65-S1091, A65-S136, A65-S176, A65-S1762, A65-S1062, A65-SP126, A65-SP176, A65-SP159, A65-SP1591, A65-S126, A65-S1261, A65-S1361, A65-S1362, A65-S1662, A65-S1607  

Toshiba Satellite A70 Series  

Toshiba Satellite A70, A70-40, A70-60, A70-80, A70-S2362, A70-S2482, A70-S249, A70-S2491, A70-S256, A70-S2561, A70-S259, A70-S2591, A70-SP211, A70-SP213, A70-SP259, A70-SP286, A70-SP249, A70-S2482TD, A70-S2492ST, A70-00V, A70-00VFR, A70-DD1, A70-DD1F, A70-KL1, A70-KL1F, A70-ML1, A70-ML1F, A70-S209, A70-S229, A70-SC1, A70-SC1FR  

Toshiba Satellite A75 Series  

Toshiba Satellite A75-S125, A75-S1251, A75-S1252, A75-S1253, A75-S1254, A75-S1255, A75-S206, A75-S2061, A75-S209, A75-S2091, A75-S211, A75-S2111, A75-S2112, A75-S213, A75-S2131, A75-S226, A75-S2261, A75-S229, A75-S2291, A75-S2293, A75-S231, A75-S2311, A75-S276, A75-SP213, A75, A75-S2762, A75-SP229, A75-SP231, A75-S2292, A75-SP286, A75-SP249, A75-S2761 

Toshiba Satellite P25 Series  

Toshiba Satellite P25-S670, P25-S676, P25-S6761 

Toshiba Satellite P30 Series  

Toshiba Satellite P30 , P30-100, P30-40, P30-60, P30-80, P30-S6362, P30-S6363, P30-S701TD, P30-S6362ST, P30-S6363ST, P30, P30-107, P30-110, P30-116, P30-119, P30-132, P30-133, P30-141, P30-144, P30-145, P30-149, P30-153, P30-JC1, P30-JC1FR, P30-MH1, P30-S609, P30-S701  

Toshiba Satellite P35 Series  

Toshiba Satellite P35-S605, P35-S6053, P35-S609, P35-S6091, P35-S611, P35-S6111, P35-S6112, P35-S629, P35-S6291, P35-S6292, P35-S631, P35-S6311, P35-SP611, P35 Series, P35-S6051, P35-S6052, P35-S7012, P35 Equium A200 series, Equium A210 series, Equium A300 series, Equium A300D series, Equium A60 series  Equium P200 series, Equium P200D series, Equium P300 series, Equium U400 series, Potégé M800 Series  Satego P200 series, Satego X200 series, Satellite A35 series, Satellite A60 series, Satellite A65 series  Satellite A70 series, Satellite A75 series, Satellite A130 series, Satellite A135 series, Satellite A200 series  Satellite A205 series, Satellite A210 series, Satellite A350 series, Qosmio F40 F45 series, Qosimio F50 F55 series  Qosimio G50 G55 series Satellite P205D series, Satellite P300 series, Satellite P300D series, Satellite P305 series  Satellite P305D series, Satellite P500 series, Satellite P505 series, Satellite P505D series, Satellite U400 series, Satellite U400D series  Satellite U405 series, Satellite U405D series, Satellite U500 series, Satellite U505 series, Satellite X200 series, Satellite 1110 series  Satellite 1115 series, Satellite 1130 series, Satellite 1135 series, Satellite 1905 series, Satellite 1955 series, Satellite 2430 series  Satellite 2435 series, Satellite Pro A200 Series, Satellite Pro A210 Series, Satellite Pro A300 Series, Satellite Pro A300D Series  

TOSHIBA Satellite Pro P500 PA3717E-1AC3   

(Not All models listed)

Proper Charger Usage

  • Do not continuously keep charger plugged in for over 6 hrs at a time. Allow charger to rest.
  • Unplug the charger when the battery is full. And plug in charger when battery reaches 20% to 30%.
Compatible Laptop Brand

For Toshiba

Charger Output Power (W)


Charger Output Voltage (V)


Charger Output Current (A)


Charger Tip Outer Diameter (mm)


Charger Tip Inner Diameter (mm)


Charger Type

Genuine/ Original Charger


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