6-Cells Laptop Battery 10.8V 5200mAh for ACER Aspire 4741 5741 5741G 5742 5742G AS10D31 AS10D41 AS10D71

6-Cells Laptop Battery 10.8V 5200mAh for ACER Aspire 4741 5741 5741G 5742 5742G AS10D31 AS10D41 AS10D71

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Product Description


  • Battery Type: Replacement Battery
  • Cell Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Number: 6 Cells
  • Voltage: 10.8V / 11.1V
  • Capacity: 5200 mAh
  • Warranty: 30 Days Money Back and One-Year Warranty.
  • Condition:100% brand new and high quality
  • Prices are GST inclusive (Tax Invoice is included)
  • Before you buy it, please make sure that your original battery "part number" or "laptop model" is included in the description.
  • Note: Not all model and part numbers are listed.  Please contact us for advice if you are not sure. Use Ctrl+F to search on the page.

Compatible Part Number:

31CR19/65-2, 31CR19/652, 31CR19/66-2, AK.006BT.075, AK.006BT.080, AS10D, AS10D31, AS10D3E, AS10D41, AS10D51, AS10D61, AS10D71, AS10D73, AS10D75, BT.00603.111, BT.00603.117, BT.00603.124, BT.00604.049, BT.00605.062, BT.00605.065, BT.00606.008, BT.00607.125, BT.00607.126, BT.00607.127, BT.00607.130, LC.BTP00.123

Compatible Models

    Acer Aspire 4333,
    Acer Aspire 4625,
    Acer Aspire 4733Z,
    Acer Aspire 4743G,
    Acer Aspire 5250, 
    Acer Aspire 5252,
    Acer Aspire 5333,
    Acer Aspire 5336,
    Acer Aspire 5736Z,
    Acer Aspire 7251,
    Acer TravelMate 4370,
    Acer TravelMate 5335,
    Acer TravelMate 5340,
    Acer TravelMate 7340


    Acer Aspire 4253 Series
    Aspire 4253, Aspire 4253G


    Acer Aspire 4551 Series
    Aspire 4551, Aspire 4551G, 
    Aspire 4551G-P322G32Mn


    Acer Aspire 4552 Series
    Aspire 4552, Aspire 4552-5078, Aspire 4552G


    Acer Aspire 4738 Series
    Aspire 4738, Aspire 4738G, Aspire 4738Z, 
    Aspire 4738ZG


    Acer Aspire 4741 Series
    Aspire 4741, Aspire 4741G, Aspire 4741G-332G32Mnsk, 
    Aspire 4741G-332G50Mn, Aspire 4741G-372G50Mnkk02,
    Aspire 4741G-372G50Mnkk06, Aspire 4741G-432G50Mnkk01,
    Aspire 4741G-5452G50Mnkk04, Aspire 4741G-5462G50Mnkk05, 
    Aspire 4741G-5464G50Mn, Aspire 4741Z, Aspire 4741ZG, 
    Aspire 4741ZG-P602G50Mnkkc, Aspire 4741ZG-P622G50Mnkk03


    Acer Aspire 4750 Series
    Aspire 4750, Aspire 4750G


    Acer Aspire 4771 Series
    Aspire 4771, Aspire 4771G


    Acer Aspire 5251 Series
    Aspire 5251, Aspire 5251-1005, Aspire 5251-1549


    Acer Aspire 5253 Series
    Aspire 5253, Aspire 5253G


    Acer Travelmate 5542 Series
    TravelMate 5542, TravelMate 5542G


    Acer Aspire 5551 Series
    Aspire 5551, Aspire 5551-2013, Aspire 5551-2036, 
    Aspire 5551-2805, Aspire 5551-4200, Aspire 5551-4937, 
    Aspire 5551G, Aspire 5551G-4280, Aspire 5551G-4591, 
    Aspire 5551G-P324G32Mn, Aspire 5551-P323G32Mnsk


    Acer Aspire 5552 Series
    Aspire 5552, Aspire 5552G


    Acer Aspire 5560 Series
    Aspire 5560 V3, Aspire 5560G


    Acer Aspire 5733 Series
    Aspire 5733, Aspire 5733Z 


    Acer Aspire 5741 Series
    Aspire 5741, Aspire 5741-332G25Mn, 
    Aspire 5741-333G32Mn, Aspire 5741-334G32Mn, 
    Aspire 5741-334G50Mn, Aspire 5741-3404, 
    Aspire 5741-3541, Aspire 5741-433G32Mn, 
    Aspire 5741-434G50Mn, Aspire 5741-5698, 
    Aspire 5741-5763, Aspire 5741G, 
    Aspire 5741G-332G50Mn, Aspire 5741G-333G32Bn, 
    Aspire 5741G-334G50Mn, Aspire 5741G-334G64Mn, 
    Aspire 5741G-434G64Bn, Aspire 5741G-5452G50Mnck, 
    Aspire 5741G-5452G50Mnkk, Aspire 5741G-5452G50Mnsk, 
    Aspire 5741Z, Aspire 5741ZG


    Acer Aspire 5742 Series
    Aspire 5742, Aspire 5742G, Aspire 5742Z, 
    Aspire 5742ZG


    Acer Aspire 5750 Series
    Aspire 5750, Aspire 5750G, Aspire 5750G-2312G50


    Acer Aspire 7551 Series
    Aspire 7551, Aspire 7551-2755, Aspire 7551-3068, 
    Aspire 7551-3416, Aspire 7551-3634, Aspire 7551-5358, 
    Aspire 7551G, Aspire 7551G-5407, Aspire 7551G-5821, 
    Aspire 7551G-6477


    Acer Aspire 7552 Series
    Aspire 7552G, Aspire 7552G-5107, Aspire 7552G-5488, 
    Aspire 7552G-6061


    Acer Aspire 7560 Series
    Aspire 7560, Aspire 7560G 


    Acer Aspire 7741 Series
    Aspire 7741, Aspire 7741-333G25Mn,
    Aspire 7741-5137, Aspire 7741-7870, 
    Aspire 7741G, Aspire 7741G-333G25Bn,
    Aspire 7741G-333G32Mn, Aspire 7741G-334G50Mn, 
    Aspire 7741G-3647, Aspire 7741G-374G64Mn, 
    Aspire 7741G-434G50Mn, Aspire 7741G-464G64Mn,
    Aspire 7741G-7017, Aspire 7741Z, 
    Aspire 7741Z-4475, Aspire 7741Z-4592,
    Aspire 7741Z-4633, Aspire 7741Z-4643, 
    Aspire 7741Z-4815, Aspire 7741Z-5731,
    Aspire 7741ZG, Aspire 7741ZG-P604G50Mn, 
    Aspire 7741Z-P614G50Mn


    Acer Aspire 7750 Series
    Aspire 7750, Aspire 7750G, Aspire 7750ZG


    Acer Aspire AS5741 Series


    Acer TravelMate 4740 Series
    Acer Travelmate 5735 Series
    Acer TravelMate 5740 Series
    Acer TravelMate 5742 Series
    Acer TravelMate 7740 Series
    Acer TravelMate 8472 Series
    Acer TravelMate 8572 Series
    Acer TravelMate TM5740 Series
      Acer TravelMate TM5742 Series
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Additional Information
Model NBB-ACER-4741
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